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YouTube Shorts Can Now Be Made Using Regular Videos

YouTube Shorts Can Now Be Made Using Regular Videos

It should not come as a surprise to anyone but short format videos have been dominating lately, especially when you are talking about bite-sized clips that are easy to watch and can be enjoyed at any time and anywhere. All of this is thanks to TikTok; the same company that was responsible for YouTube introducing Shorts, its own take on short-form videos, and allowing the users to experiment with something different. From now, the company has decided to make it easier for all creators to make Shorts, as you can now take the existing content from your library, edit it, and upload your creations.

YouTube Makes it Easy for Creators to Make Shorts

For those who want to use this, simply head over to the YouTube Studio app and choose from any long-form video that you have in the library, select up to 60 seconds and create Shorts. The good news is that users will still have access to the same tools that they find in the web-based version of YouTube Studio such as a timeline editor, filters, music, and more. Additionally, creators can also add additionally footage as they wish to go ahead if the video they have made does not meet the 60-second requirement.

Creators will also be able to fill content by using the Shorts camera, and the best thing is that Shorts created using the existing videos on YouTube will also have links to the original videos. The feature is currently rolling out to iOS as well as Android versions of YouTube.

Are you going to be using the new feature to make your short-form videos on YouTube? I believe the feature is something that can be considered revolutionary and will ultimately make things easier for everyone who is going to use it. Let us know what you think of it.

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