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YouTuber Disassembles The Nothing Phone (1), Reveals Interesting Details – Video

Nothing Phone (1) Disassembles

Nothing announced its first smartphone recently that packs a unique design with tailored software features to support the hardware. The Nothing Phone (1) is unique due to its flashy design and transparent back. While you can already see what is inside the smartphone, a YouTuber took his curiosity to the next level and disassembled the new phone. Scroll down to read more details on what is behind the transparent exterior of the Nothing Phone (1).

Nothing Phone (1) Gets Disassembled by a Curious YouTuber, Looks Pretty Much Like Any Other Smartphone From Inside

The Nothing Phone (1) was disassembled by Dave from the YouTube channel Dave2D. He noticed a switch on the back of the phone and his curiosity triggered him to disassemble the phone. While it is not an official teardown of the device, the video aims to show what you will find beneath the black and white surface of the Nothing Phone (1). Moreover, you also have to take note that this is not a complete disassembly of the device as only the back is removed along with a few components.

Dave began the disassembly process by heating the back to loosen up the adhesive tape underneath. He then used his tools to pry open the transparent back without breaking it. Once the device was open, Dave quickly wanted to see what the switch was for. To his surprise and ours, it was not a switch. Nonetheless, he went on to see what the Nothing Phone (1) has to offer. Upon closer inspection, the YouTuber discovers that the speaker of the Phone (1) is kind of modular that connects to the rest of the phone through pogo pins.

You can check out the video above for more details. It is great to see how Nothing has designed the back of the phone. It can also be seen that underneath the white theme of the device, the Nothing Phone (1) looks pretty much like every other phone. However, we also have to take note of how adding a bit of perspective makes the design absolutely unique. You can check out more details on the device in our announcement post.

This is all there is to it, folks. Are you planning on getting the Nothing Phone (1)? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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